Don’t Take a Photo of Your Screen, Take a Screenshot: A Quick Guide for Windows & Mac Users

Have you ever needed to take a screenshot on your computer but just take a photo with your phone instead? Here’s a quick tip on how to take screenshots of your computer screen for both Windows & Mac users 📷
⚙️Windows 10
To take a screenshot, press the Windows logo key + Shift + S to bring up the screen capture tool. You have a few options here, first you can take a snip of part of your screen by holding the left mouse button and dragging in the area that you would like to capture. Other options are taking a snip of a window you ‘re working from or your entire screen by selecting from the top menu that appears.
Similar to Windows, to take a screenshot, press Command + Shift 5 to bring up the Screenshot tool. Again, you have similar options here, with the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. You can capture your entire screen, a selected window or a portion. macOS also provides options here for recording your screen.