Maximizing Your Wi-Fi Coverage: Tips and Tricks to Ensure Stronger Connectivity Throughout Your Home

Are there areas of your home where your Wi-Fi drops out or just doesn’t work at all?
A piece of hardware provided by your internet service provider (ISP) broadcasts your Wi-Fi, called a modem or router. Your modem/router terminates your internet connection and provides Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home.
Without getting too technical, each modem/router has a certain rating in which it broadcasts Wi-Fi to a certain range. Most ISPs provide a modem/router that suits a large amount of homes, although for some it just isn’t enough. This could be because of multiple different reasons, such as your home being too long, multiple stories or interference.
There are many ways to combat this, and it all depends on how much coverage you want and where you need connectivity. A general rule when trying to get maximum coverage is to have your modem/router in a centralised location. However, it can be difficult without running additional cabling through your home to do this.
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